Clean Water Protection for your Home & Family
Berkey drinking water purifier are the most powerful and affordable water filter providing all your drinking water needs at home, office, workplace, outdoors, and during emergencies.
Berkey water purifiers are beautifully and solidly constructed free-standing gravity counter-top type systems requiring no electricity an no water pressure to produce great tasting, clean, and safe drinking water.
Berkey water purifiers are beautifully and solidly constructed free-standing gravity counter-top type systems requiring no electricity an no water pressure to produce great tasting, clean, and safe drinking water.
Free Standing Outdoor Water Purification

Home & Wellness

Berkey® purification system are the most affordable and most powerful protection for your home and family providing clean purified water.

Health & Wellness

Healthy Living starts with clean water. Berkey® Purifiers can help you stay hydrated on the go with clean purified water.

Outdoors & Disaster Planning

“Be Ready!” With a Berkey® purification system during emergencies without power and running water.

Berkey® systems have become the leader in home water purification. They clearly surpass other water filter methods in their ability to remove viruses and harmful contaminants. Berkey® offers options to fit every family size and budget. In addition, since the Berkey® systems are free-standing, they fit easily in most kitchens or adjacent living areas. 

Berkey® systems are portable and are ideal for offices, worksites, gymns, and outdoor parties and events requiring no messy complicating setup, no plumbing, and no electricity.

For generations, health-conscious people around the world have recognized that the foundation to a healthy life and healthy body is clean, fresh drinking water. No amount of vitamins or supplements can substitute for the vital life-sustaining properties found in nourishing, healthful drinking water.

Unfortunately, securing your access to goodtasting, sparkling, and wholesome drinking water can be harder than you might expect. Water is often laced with chlorine, lead, high levels of harmful bacteria, unwanted chemicals and contaminants. Frequently, these produce unpleasant tastes and odors.

Even bottled water can contain these same contaminants and moreover it is very expensive.

Most other filtration systems are inferior because they do not remove viruses or bacteria, and many remove the beneficial minerals that your body needs. Perhaps that’s why Berkey® systems have long been recognized as the world’s ultimate in water purification.

This simple, highly effective method of using gravity was developed almost 200 years ago, yet it still produces some of the finest, most healthful drinking water available.

During an emergency situation or natural disaster, the need for safe, accessible drinking water becomes urgent. Berkey® systems are ideal water purification system to have on hand during times when treated tap water may not be available. Berkey® systems are capable of purifying untreated water from sources such as rivers, lakes, streams and wells.

Gravity filtration has been used by relief organizations such as UNICEF, the Peace Corps, Red Cross Societies Internationally, missionaries and relief workers throughout the world. With the Berkey® system of gravity purification, you can obtain safe drinking water after emergencies such as blackouts, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. The portability and convenience of the Outdoor Berkey® Systems makes them ideal for outdoor recreational activities such as backpacking, hiking, hunting and camping trips and sporting events.
Berkey water filters are probably the best water filters in the world and have enjoyed excellent reviews all over the world. Now available for the first time in Malaysia and rest of Asia.

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The Travel Berkey is a powerful and yet portable water purifier to have. I use it whenever I have to stay at hotels and on the road for work or play. June Tan / PJ, Selangor
Joel Tan
PJ, Selangor
I ordered a Crown Berkey and it arrived in 2 days in perfect condition. The setup was extremely easy to do. No messy setups. Up and running in 10 minutes. Great water purifier for my home and office.
Annuar Zainal
Nice. Very nice price point. I find the price to be affordable and the maintenance cost very economical. Filter changes between 40,000 liters. Wow. I can’t believe I’ve been spending too much money with other brands of water filters. The Berkey Light that I bought looks beautiful. It was portable and has large storage tank for purifie water.
Paul Lee
Kuching, Sarawak